Saturday, May 16, 2015

Last Months 07

I was floored by the pain for the last couple days. Even with pain meds, it still has immense power over me. I did get some thinking done while suffering. As I mentioned - or did I mention it? - one of my projects might get me in deep with Disney. It's called Jedi of the Modern Age. The protagonist and her friends aren't really Jedi, she - and the reader - discover that there have always been those with paranormal abilities which awaken usually at puberty. Called witches or called crazy, a bad fate usually befell them. What are these abilities? For one, they obviously aren't Jedi-like powers for the most part. They aren't the X-Men. They're tiny. Being able to pick locks with the mind. Telepathy - okay, they're like Jedi powers, except very small in scope - telekinesis, precognition, psychometry. Only trouble is, they sometimes work in weird circumstances: ability to be "lucky" but it only works at certain card games in quiet rooms, not at casinos. Or the ability to find lost things, not money, treasured keepsakes, lost toys. The X-Men they aren't. That's about all I've gotten done. Wish I was more productive, but the pain gets in the way of everything, even taking the trash out.