Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last Months 03

Funny thing, I consider myself lucky. My tmjd (whether caused by "classic" tmjd or by a tumor or leukemia, yet to be determined) gives me almost constant pain, usually migrating pain from the temple down through the jaw and into my teeth, though sometimes it runs down my throat or along the side of my neck. I can only open my mouth half an inch. The left side of my face goes numb. Lucky? Severe tmjd can get much, much worse than that. The patient can have trouble talking, the jaw can become completely locked, the pain can spread to the shoulders, even down the legs, the patient can drool uncontrollably...this is a short list of the many, many problems severe tmjd can cause. Me, I have pain that interferes with my sleep to such an extent that I sleep only two or three hours a night. I have intense fatigue spells while awake...but I can still eat solid foods if I'm careful, I can still talk clearly, and I'm not drooling. I'm lucky.

As of right now, I'm awake enough to do laundry, but that's about it. I'll try to take a nap. Even attempted napping has a pallative effect, so I'll be rested enough to do the Lyft thing late this afternoon. It's the fatigue thing and the unexpected suspension of activities by Lyft that did me in, by the way. I've been essentially sleepless since March...I'm actually surprised that I'm still alive.

 I still say they're a bunch of outright cowards. The Lyft crew in San Francisco must be the whiniest, most pathetic bunch of humans on the planet. You want change, you have to fight for change.

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