Friday, November 3, 2017

How Punching Nazis in the face Accomplishes Nothing

The big thing now is beating up people who are supposedly NeoNazis. “Punch a Nazi in the face” is a popular theme in Facebook and that Twitter thing. The people preaching these ideas have the minds of uneducated children.

Why do I say that? Here’s why.

1. This technique has been tried before. It doesn’t work. Worse, it is counterproductive. We know this…from HISTORY! That’s the subject most of you slept through in High School and college. This street violence has been tried in many places by the opponents of fascism. It’s been done in Italy, Spain, several South American countries, and in Germany several years before the elections that eventually brought Hitler to power. Can you see the pattern? IT DOESN’T WORK!

2. Using street violence to stop a movement that thrives on it? Using street violence against an organization that has a command structure — -beating up the “privates” in the movement? What good does that do, when their very leaders consider them expendable. It also feeds into the belief systems fascists are spreading. This violence scares and angers voters, driving them away from fascist political opponents. It sours the image of progressivism, which is something the billionaires who control this country want to do, to destroy progressivism. They want to destroy the progressive movement by any means. We have seen this in Germany and elsewhere.

Also, such actions misdirect a shallow uneducated mind — — especially about the use of violence. The actions appear to serve no purpose except self-gratification.

3. To use violence for political purposes, this is what is required. When done properly, the enemies of democracy and the people are defeated.

A. Have read extensively, especially Sun Tzu, Carl Clausewitz, Machiavelli, and history.

B. Know the structure of the opponent’s movement. Is the command structure vulnerable to violent disruption? Where is the danger? If it is the leaders of the movement, act against them.

C. Realize violence is a tool. If you want to use it, be committed to it. If you aren’t willing to kill people, then give it up!



1. Study the target. Not just the target, but all of those in his life and in his area as he moves around. Watch for security. Read a little of the history of assassination, the key to a successful action comes from the pages of history. If he has a regular route, steal some uniforms and road crew gear. Plant a command-control mine in the road. Blow him up when he drives over it. Reference assassinations in Italy.

2. Single or group attacking with knives or guns during a politician meeting and greeting event. Not many of the attackers will survive, but for a sure kill, someone willing to sacrifice their lives for the kill can’t be stopped. Assassinations in the Philippines and other places to be references.

3. Same as above, except using a bomb strapped to the body. This was the technique in a failed attempt on Hitler — — Hitler blew off the event and stayed away. Also assassinations in India. Fooled you, didn’t I — — you thought the inspiration was from Israel.

4. Ambush. Combination of small arms and an improvised explosive device.

5. Masquerade. How the Egyptian ruler Anwar Sadat was taken down. Very effective, don’t know why it isn’t used more often, especially in the USA with vast numbers of cops from different agencies from different agencies swarming around politicians.

6. Sniper — — not very effective — — given the swarms of counter-snipers around most politicians. Hollywood’s in love with it — — an indication this technique should be skipped.

7. Remember, assassins are not terrorists. Mass casualties is not the point, the death of a single person is the goal. Terrorists are lazy shits who suffer from poor thinking. One can accomplish much more change with the more gentle killing of a single person than wanton slaughter. They’d know this if they studied a little history.

Do you want blood on your hands? This is the way to do it. It is not as effective as another technique, a technique that overthrew the racist order in the USA and defeated England and freed India.
MAIN POINT! Non-violent actions have a long history of success in American society, including economic actions, boycotts, sabotage, monkeywrenching, and wrecking property. But never aimed at people. If you are not committed to the use of real violence — -assassination, and bombing of elites (never attack middle and lower classes, people you are fighting for, or even allow your violence to become random) — — then give it up! You can make a better, more successful non-violent action that can change the future.

Because that’s what you’re after, isn’t it? To change the future, to make it a hospitable place for everyone. To restore democracy.

SO NUT UP, get educated, and decide if you want to change things or play games. The best way, MLK and non-violence. Better results. If you want to use violence to effect, you will have to kill people, get real blood on your hands. You don’t have to go that way. Be different than the ones you oppose…choose non-violence.

Let the future we want come into being. Let us purge the corruption from our government. Hell’s bells, let’s take a page out of the ancient Athenians and the Romans: let us strip the rich of their power, maybe even exile them! Let the delightful future where all lives matter be born!