Sunday, December 3, 2017

Catering to the Rich

Being mostly a science fiction and fantasy writer who had cancer and has a part-time job, I mostly do not delve into political writing much. But this obvious kleptocracy needs comment. So much of a better future has been sacrificed to feed the greed of rich people in this nation, so I ask...

What does catering to the rich cost us?

A stagnant middle class.

More poor people. Fewer programs and funding to raise them out of poverty.

Misery and pain from the lack of medical care. Universal health care would solve this, but catering to the rich prevents its adoption.

Less money for science and technology development. Which means we fall behind other countries.

More violent weather, because global warming is not being dealt with, mostly because of rich oil men spreading around money in our government.

The corruption of some Christians, turning themselves into satanists to cater to the rich...and my apologies to real satanists, who act more like Christians than fundamentalist Christians and evangelicals do.

Betrayal of Jesus. The New Testament is straight up on what happens to people who won't do a thing to help the poor. There is no injunctional in the NT for using government as a tool to help the poor and the sick. None. Got this straight from my own reading of the Bible and a Jesuit. This is also a betrayal of Buddha and the Way. Nothing good will come of this. The lies about not using government to help are spread by agents of the rich, who want to keep some Christians enslaved to the rich.

College kids so poor after getting a degree, they dwell in near poverty for years.

Working class people suffer from poverty, poor health, and cannot afford the Votech training to keep their skills buffed.

The space program is so weak now, because of the rich. The universe waits for us, but no, we gotta give the rich what they want so they will continue their bribes.

Unnecessary wars, fought for the rich.

Huge "defense budget" to fund the military needed to control the worldwide economic empire.

Soldiers who unnecessarily die in unnecessary wars.

A weaker military. A military is only as strong as the nation it fights for. It is a myth that tech can compensate or that there are cheap ways to wage war. Rich guys like their cocks sucked, they aren't into reading or studying. They are the ultimate greedheads. Greed is not a positive force, it is destructive and like a locust invasion, a swarm that consumes everything. They also have no idea who Sun Tzu is.

Our national education institutions undermined to enrich already rich people.

No improvement or maintenance of infrastructure.

Slowest, most expensive internet of all industrialized nations.

The middle and lower classes mined for their wealth.

Oppression by the police and using them to mine money from the middle and lower classes.

Remember, good and evil exist. The rich choose only themselves, which mean they are evil, Satan's buddies. like sucking a rich man's cock? His come must be sweet, since so many politicians all over the USA, not just in Washington, do it constantly. This is something I will not do. If forced, I will bite their dicks off.

This also applies to some Dems as well as Republicans...though Republicans are hogs to rich men's come.

The solution? Me, I view all this as direct attacks on democracy, on a form of treason. We use ropes on traitors.