Thursday, October 26, 2017

My battle with cancer: Recovery and teeth...

I don't know what I did to deserve the wonderful friends and allies I have. Thank you all so much! I have changed my plan a little. Getting my teeth done (or would "installed" be a better term) is now number one on the list. It would improve my health and my outlook. The moment, with your help, that I can take off several weeks or a month, I'm gonna get the teeth done. I'll start the preliminary work of talking to dentists now, since I can go to preliminary inspections and it won't affect my ability to speak.

I have great affection for you all in my heart.


Part of this decision, it is hard for me now to even chew soft things. I mostly subsist on things I can drink. And also, the nerve damage is inside my mouth, too. I can't feel half my tongue or the left half of the inside of my mouth. I thought about it a little, this is not a good situation, to have radiation or tumor destroyed teeth in such a mouth. The teeth come first as soon as possible. It probably doesn't help my mental outlook that I cannot eat healthy food, mostly living on those supplementary old-folks drinks.

Anyway, I hope I explained everything. Thanks so, so, so much for standing with me in this harsh time. You are in my heart forever, my friends, my allies.