Friday, May 8, 2015

Last Months 04

Both last night and just now, I experienced perfect examples of the fatigue episodes that have so cursed my life. It starts with the inability to focus my eyes properly. Then weakness in my arms and legs. It has a sudden onset and an inability to push through the fatigue. I
have to lie down, but often this does not lead to sleep. My thoughts become slightly confused. It doesn't last, half an hour to three hours tops. Then I'm back to my usual pain from my tmjd.

It's been worse than this. Back in March when it first started, it was so much more intense, it drove me to the emergency room. I thought perhaps that I had a bleeding event in my stomach or intestines. Nope. The blood test also cleared me of having diabetes.  They were at a loss. I started feeling better, they released me, assuming it was viral.  I was all right for the next three or four days, then it returned. Most recently I went to a couple of doctors, who did nothing other than to confuse me intensely. One thought it was a response to the pain from my jaw. The other thought it was leukemia or a tumor in my jaw. If she thought that, why didn't she immediately send me to an oncologist? She didn't do shit, no prescriptions, no referrals, no nothing. I was pushed out the door. Even an urgent care clinic does more than that.

Not every symptom is grim. For some reason, I find the fact that the left side of my nose falls asleep hugely humorous...gotta find laughs where you can.