Monday, November 18, 2013

Yet more on Almost Human

It's "okay," but it will only every be just "okay." For one, no one involved in creating science fiction on a regular basis is involved in the show.  How do I know?  Ask yourself as you watch this show from week to week, "Why are they driving?"  If you can build a bot as sophisticated as the ones in the show, why can't the cars drive themselves?  It's all right to have them driving occasionally, or handle it the way the Ghost in the Shell series handled it, by making a comment whenever someone went manual in their vehicles...I, Robot handled this aspect very well (the movie, I mean - and yes, I've read the original stories, I can remember doing so as a child).  It's a cop show with a few mildly interesting curves thrown in.

Which then brings us to the influx of bad ebooks.  Smashwords is finely bollixed up by an infinity of ebook authors trying to "cash in" on the self-publishing craze.  The "premium status" requires a review...apparently the rush has screwed up their system.  What took a couple of days is now into weeks.  I'm not troubled.  The hobbyists, the quick-buck people will come and go, most of them without a whimper.  I play a long game.  This is true even of my ebook releases.  I try to put in the time and effort to produce quality product.  What I care about, the success I seek, is six months to a year downrange.  There is no fast money in writing.

Just a reminder:

You'd better get Essa now, after I release Contravallation, Essa won't be free any more.