Sunday, November 17, 2013

Phase Two is done

Last night, I deployed - tired of "uploaded" - the revised version of Essa containing the Causality chapter.  I should also say that Causality already contains sample chapters from Essa and the forthcoming Contravallation, just as Contravallation will have sample chapters from Essa and Causality, thus tying everything together in the mind of the reader.  Any short stories I give away or sell will have the same.  It's a series, this is necessary to stress that.

Essa definitely has over 2000 readers now.  I finally was able to get the activity logs from my web site and the various ebook venues to cooperate.  It's confirmed, we're over that mark.  Not to be pushy about it, but these 2000+ readers need to buy Causality.  Partly because I need the money, but also because...if they liked Essa, they are going to flip over Causality.

Not rest for the wicked, I need to complete my revision of a story tonight.  I'd like to submit it to a magazine tomorrow.