Friday, November 15, 2013

I'll be glad when this health care debate goes away.  Please understand, I want everyone to have good health care, but me, I've lived most of my life blissfully unconcerned about my health...until now. I'm dreading my coming access to health care. What might they find? Am I doomed? I don't feel sick, other than the cold I'm getting over. Up until the cold, I exercised over an hour a day. I was losing weight. My blood pressure is down to around 125/78. I don't have night sweats. My appetite is good. I eat healthy. I feel...fine.  Ah, but the unknown, it's creeping me out.

My revision of Contravallation is going at a good pace. If Marc can come up with the cover art as scheduled, I think I might have a nice December gift to my fans.

Have you bought your copy of Causality yet?