Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ghost towns and ancient Greek Gods

Albuquerque is quickly turning into a ghost town, at least my part of it.  As quiet as a night alone on the high plains.  The university has of course closed up for the duration.  My complex resembles the abandoned buildings in Half Life 2.  Creepy.

For a reason known only to my subconscious mind, today was a day for the Greek gods.  First came Hephaestus, the blacksmith god.  Athena was next, gray-eyed, friend of humanity, who gave us jury trials and human rights. Hygieia, who led me to her father, the man-who-became-a-god named Asclepius.  Lastly, though immortal and as powerful as a god, yet not a god, Prometheus, the Titan who gave humanity fire...and according to some myths, the being who created human beings in the first place.

How this fits in with Thanksgiving, I have no idea.