Monday, May 1, 2017

Who's the Guilty One Now?

I've just got to get caught up on posting my essays! There's a backlog of them five miles high!

Just a final thought before sleep. Back when I taught adjunct, students were constantly complaining about the Romans, making moral judgements about this past civilization. "They had slavery!" "They conquered other nations!" "They did this! They did that!" I could hear the moral superiority in their voices.

What would the Romans say about us? If they could speak to us, they would condemn us as bloodthirsty monsters. "Are you guys insane? What's the matter with you? You killed around 170 million people due to war and massacre in the 20th Century!! You built bombs to destroy entire cities! Why would you do that? You must be insane! You in the USA, even our slaves had rights by the first century CE! We gave them a path to freedom and even citizenship! We didn't oppress them and force them to live apart from us! What the hell is wrong with you? Some of our emperors were of African descent! Even our gladiators were freaking volunteers! We had healthcare for everyone at temples of Asclepius, at military hospitals for veterans, even a sliding scale for private physicians! We fed the poor! You starve and mistreat the lower classes! Wherever we went, we built roads and supplied clean drinking water to cities. You let your infrastructure rot! You let citizens drink poisoned water! Damned barbarians! And you have the effrontery to claim us as your cultural ancestors!!"

So don't be so proud of our morality. Just the numbers alone show we don't have any. We make the Romans look like saints by comparison. The Romans would spit on us for our kill-crazy behavior.