Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Fictional Waltz: Who Knew Software Had a Sense of Humor?

Darkness seems to wrap around us every day, in our jobs, in our culture...but there's still fun to be had.

One of my favorite films is After the Rain. It's the last script written by Akira Kurosawa. Great film. I watched a clip from the film on youtube...the only trouble, it had no subtitles. So I activated youtube's subtitle generator. The results were hilarious.

"About one o'clock in the menu have earned him great tours."
"Mike, he was missing."
"She's there."
"New York!"
"The Le Mons!"
"It's not the same good suit, against reason."
"Not his furrow."
"Moncton and tsunami!"
"First smiles and for the moment it's put back flat."
"As for the manga, Basque Barbara Median."
"For me it's not that, we still found a difference."
"Hired at the right time for the Lotois!"
"Cross on the canvas! Noblet! Noblet!"
"Two schoolboys!"
"No passengers."
"Although newspapers when it's a bit in the alcohol in the passion..."
"As for me, I'm a dead man insurer."
"That's how I sign me."
"Enable sampdoria allowing the canton of Vaud about Claud LeBlond!"
"The other side of the room for all other days!"
"If you think being adopted at baseball school such action to sign the text!"
"Volkswagon, 5,000,000."
"A spokesperson has a short memory."
"Other axis down but nothing is played!"
"They must be born in August!"

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