Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lost Another Tooth

Lost another tooth this morning. My lower teeth are still fine, it is the upper back teeth that are dying or dead. They shatter like glass and I spit out the little pieces. There is no pain, none at all. The radiation they used to kill the tumor passed right through the upper back teeth on either side. They were trying not to cook my brain, you see, and used different angles to attack the tumor. But it was all over the left side of my face and only a few angles could get to some of it. Those angles - or trajectories - went right through my upper back teeth on either side. They are completely dead. My front uppers are going strong, though they are stained from the thrush infection I had.

My thanks to Ruthanne for putting flowers on my parents' graves. I deeply appreciate it. They were loving people who touched many hearts. They're still with me. Mom and Dad are in my thoughts every day. I'm deeply grateful for this feeling. Even the Greensburg of my youth is still out there, somewhere, waiting for me to find it. When I do, I'll rush to the front door of my house and throw open the door to find their smiling faces. They'll ask me how the journey was, while our pets play about my feet. I'll tell them. We'll talk late into the night.

Wednesday at 4 pm I'll find out what's next in this drama. More chemo, more pain? Or a respite from the battle and a chance to continue healing?

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