Thursday, March 1, 2012

     Tired with Wired.  Heh, I'm a poet, who knew?  Back to Wired, man am I sick of their web site.  It's been building for months and this last bit, with the sensationalistic publication of more "We doomed in 2012!" stories has broken my back.  So no more.
     My irritation with Daily Kos is a little less extreme.  The founder, Kos (Markos  Moulitsas), seems not to want to take no for an answer.  When he proposed Republican-style fun-and-games with the primaries, most of the members said, "No way!"  But he continues to harp on it to no end, despite that his "Operation Hilarity" failed in Michigan.  Rather than go down in infamy with a hate-filled rant, I'll just stay away from the site for a couple months.  There's enough aggravation in the world without needlessly creating more for myself.
   March is the BIG MONTH for me.  The first of my published works will gain new life as Kindle ebooks on Amazon.  I hope to have fourteen short stories and a short novel up by April.